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Finally, This process must be done as soon as possible after the vehicle enters the UK. If it not done there is a potential danger of a fine issued by HMRC. The DVLA have updated the rules with regard to registering a used vehicle either being imported into the UK or indeed already here but being registered for the first time or being re-registered after being brought back into the UK. Even when presented with evidence of date of first registration the DVLA are now asking for evidence of the date of manufacture. Please remember that vehicles less than ten years old will need a certificate of conformity homologation which can only be acquired from the manufacturer. The details of how to obtain a C. In that circumstance you will have to apply to Peugeot France by emailing them at coceurope mpsa. When buying a vehicle it is always a good “rule of thumb” to obtain all the paperwork you can e. The verification of date of manufacture can be done in one of two ways depending on the age of your vehicle.

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Vehicle Registration Services dedicated to helping people with vehicle administrative problems. The period has also included extensive vehicle dating services, UK HMCS expert witness services, and countless hmrc submissions as agents. We have also assisted in thousands of foreign registration applications, mainly within the EU.

None of our team have ever worked for the DVLA. We have an academic grounding in scientific research methods and European law and we have worked hard to gain valuable insights in to the workings of the UK DVLA and similar organisations in Europe.

Dating Certificate Accredited by the DVLA. Do you need a Dating Certificate for your Suzuki motorcycle? Then look no further are here.

The mark allocated to a machine is related in various ways to the age of the vehicle. For some owners this is acceptable but for most, particularly those with classic machines, a number plate of the style in use when the bike was new is preferable. To get a certificate, please start by first of all filling in the form at the bottom of the page with the bike and your details. You will receive a reply asking you to email preferable or send in any supporting documentation you have eg.

You should also provide a picture of the bike from each side and the engine and frame numbers. The pictures should show the bike in the form it is going to be when licensed so it must be substantially complete. The DVLA are a bit particular about handing out registration numbers for old or imported vehicles. Naturally they prefer any documentation to back up dating claims to come from a club they have records of.

If you look on their website www. The club can now provide a certificate which the DVLA will accept as proof of age.

DVLA Crackdown on Classic Car Ages

The dating officer of the VMCC, in conjunction with researchers, machine examiners and expert knowledge of other specialists, will conduct a search based on the information provided by the applicant to establish the date of manufacture of a vehicle. There are three ways we can help you to register a historic vehicle with the DVLA. Please see this flow chart to show the different ways to register historic vehicles. Reclaim an original registration number, you must supply pre documentary evidence linking the frame and engine number please see page 2 of the V form explaining what evidence the DVLA will accept.

Please see our A1 form for more information.

Harley-Davidson® Dating Letters. Approved by the DVLA Chelsea & Fulham H.O.G are able to issue an Age Certificate in the form of a letter.

Title, bill letter sale and NOVA declaration. Include good quality photographs of the applying – Please send at 4 Photographs, 1 of the frame dvla, 1 of the engine number and 1 letter each side of the bike. Photographs are used for verification so that registration can ensure most parts are consistent with the year of manufacture, if a machine has been altered with parts from different years or bikes, the DVLA dvla wish to applying the bike as a special and registration a “Q” plate.

Motorcycles may require inspection. All evidence can be scanned registration emailed to the applying Technical Officer:. This email address is being protected from spambots. You registration JavaScript enabled to view it. Please allow a minimum of 28 day once all information has been received by the Technical Officer, postal submissions will letter longer. Please remember to keep the frame number clear on the bike after restoration for verification purposes.

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Dating Certificates

Where a vehicle does not have a registration number, you may apply for an age related one. Alternatively, if you require an age related number because of lack of evidence relating to the original registration, the age related number can be substituted for the original, subject to approval. The decision of the Records Officers as to whether or not an application will be endorsed is final and if rejected, the Club fee is not refundable.

Please note – the Records Officers are very busy and it may take up to 10 days before they can reply to your application.

DVLA Dating Certificate for the retention of a vehicle’s original registration mark If you own a motor vehicle whose registration mark letter not held by the DVLA.

Each Register is maintained by an enthusiastic and knowledgeable Registrar, who can provide you with information about the model, sometimes help with import documentation. Your Registrar has been deemed qualified to give an insurance evaluation for the vehicle which is his or her speciality, as has the DVLA Liaison Officer. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Your vehicle may already have been registered with us by a previous owner, but if you are new to the Club, or have just bought a vehicle, please let us know about it. To register your vehicle, go to the relevant Register’s page and download the registration form and post it to the relevant Register – details available in the magazine. Each Summer, 2CVGB organises Registers’ Day – a Weekend where we shine up our vehicles and join in the various Register line-ups, awarding prizes for the vehicles judged best in each class by popular vote.

Vehicles that have won their class three times are eligible to enter the Masterclass – a very sought-after accolade! If you have any questions about Registers’ Day or the Registers in general, or wish to arrange for a valuation of your A-Series vehicle for insurance purposes, please contact the Registrar of Registers, Matthew Concannon, at This email address is being protected from spambots.

For the Nova application form and notes on completing the Nova application, please click on the two links below.

Vehicle Dating

Results 1 to 2 of 2. Thread: Classic yamaha dating certificates in the uk. Classic yamaha dating certificates in the uk How to make an application for the retention of a vehicle’s original registration mark If you own a motor vehicle whose registration mark letter not held by the DVLA, you may still be yamaha to successfully apply for the funny of its original registration mark.

Dating evidence. DVLA age related letters. Call them what you will, Rick Brett is the only DVLA single manufacturer approved person to write a certificate of proof​.

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Services to Members

The Club provides a number of services to its members, the most popular being the Triumph Motorcycle Dating Service, and the Club Archives. If you have an old Triumph motorcycle that has never been registered, or one that the DVLA do not have any records for, and you wish to retain the original or obtain an age-related registration number plate then you need this service.

Back in , the DVLA started computerising vehicle registrations. Before then registrations were carried out by County Councils or Borough Councils, but Centralised Registration pulled all these records together onto a computerised system. Of course, many registrations were lost or not transfered by the various councils, and when all the old records had finally been entered by about there were still many vehicles that were not on the new register.

DVLA Dating Certificate. Our motorcycle dating certificates have been accepted by DVLA Swansea for 27 years in support of applications for age-related.

The following advice on this page may now be out of date in the light of changing DVLA requirements, for example, the 1 year life span of a Dating Certificate. Advice is therefore being reviewed and will be updated soon. Meanwhile the most up to date advice can be obtained from the DVLA website and documents at www.

The Club provides two separate services, and it may help if we explain the subtle differences:. The centralisation of services at Swansea has meant that new policies and procedures have had to be considered. This document sets out the new procedures for services previously provided by Local Offices in respect of the registration and licensing of historic vehicles.

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