Center Draft Kerosene Lamps 1884-1940 by J.W. Courter

Although in use for thousands of years and generally useful, oil lamp had its faults. It was not that efficient, it had low light and oil could not be stored for a long time – it would spoil. Gas light had a better light but it was not portable. It depended on gas pipe infrastructure. In the year , medical doctor and geologist Abraham Gesner, by distilling coal, produced clear fluid. He noticed that when fluid is placed in a lamp with a wick it burns with a bright yellow flame, much brighter than burning oil.

History of Kerosene Lamps

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You may find a dated stamp or maker’s hallmark embedded into the base or on the lighting fixture. However, you shouldn’t assume that the lamp and shade.

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Oil Lamp Makers

Read more. Arens were well known gold smiths who were working very stylish. Still with A Victorian Cranberry glass finger lamp, brass burner complete with wick.

Define kerosene lamp. kerosene lamp synonyms, kerosene lamp Noun 1. kerosene lamp – a lamp that burns oil for light kerosine lamp, oil lamp lamp – an.

A kerosene lamp also known as a paraffin lamp in some countries is a type of lighting device that uses kerosene as a fuel. Kerosene lamps have a wick or mantle as light source, protected by a glass chimney or globe; lamps may be used on a table, or hand-held lanterns may be used for portable lighting. Like oil lamps , they are useful for lighting without electricity, such as in regions without rural electrification , in electrified areas during power outages , at campsites , and on boats.

There are three types of kerosene lamp: flat-wick, central-draught tubular round wick , and mantle lamp. Kerosene lanterns meant for portable use have a flat wick and are made in dead-flame, hot-blast, and cold-blast variants. Pressurized kerosene lamps use a gas mantle ; these are known as Petromax , Tilley lamps , or Coleman lamps, among other manufacturers.

They produce more light per unit of fuel than wick-type lamps, but are more complex and expensive in construction and more complex to operate. A hand-pump pressurizes air, which forces liquid fuel from a reservoir into a gas chamber. Vapor from the chamber burns, heating a mantle to incandescence and also providing heat.

How to Identify Antique Lamps

As burners became worn or broken, they were often replaced with any burner available at the time. Many early lamps are not found with an appropriate period burner. This is particularly true of fluid burning and whale oil lamps. Many fluid and whale oil lamps were “converted” to burn kerosene, and the original burners set aside. Early, and correct period, burners add significant value to a lamp.

A decision to purchase a particular lamp should include some consideration to the overall completeness and correctness of the component parts.

There was a glass lamp made in Brazil that used a model C burner. Glass lamps produced between to the present date use variations of the model 23 burner.

I do hereby declare that the following is a full, clear, and exact description thereof, reference being had to the accompanying drawings, and. The nature of my invention consists in the construction and arrangement of a series of kerosene-Oil lainpsconnected by gas-pipe, and all supplied with oil from one reservoir, and’ which are especially adapted for lighting stores, churches, public halls, Src. In order to enable others skilled in the art to which my invention appertains tol make and use the same, I will now proceed to describe its construction and operation, referring to the annexed drawings, in which- Figure lis a plan view of a set of my lamps -with reservoir, such as they are generally arranged for lighting a store-room.

A represents gas-pipe by which the fonts B and C, also tank or reservoir D, are attached, it being all connected so that the oil will dow from the tank D through the pipe A and the fonts BV and supply all the fonts with oil. The fonts B and O have a recess, a, below the pipe, which serves as a receptacle for the lower end of the wick b, so that it will not obstruct the free. How Ot’ oil through the said fonts.

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Oil lamps have been a primary source of lighting for centuries. Although they were generally inefficient and difficult to store, these lamps gave light to a formerly dark world. Medical doctor and geologist Abraham Gesner began distilling coal to produce a clear fluid by He discovered that this clear fluid produced a bright yellow flame when used to power a traditional oil lamp.

This discovery made kerosene much more affordable.

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These items are not for sale and the descriptions, images and prices are for reference purposes only. You can reduce the number of items displayed by entering a keyword that must be included in the description of the item. A Victorian telescopic torchere lampstand, the major column fluted and with Corinthian capital issuing from a stepped square base with ball and claw feet to each corner….

Japanese Satsuma handpainted and gilt oil lamp on brass lion paw feet with etched shade Show 51 more like this. An antique silver plated oil lamp, converted for electricity, circa , 54 cm high Show 2 more like this. An antique fuel lamp with an Imari base, 19th century, the Meiji era baluster base with shaped panes of vegetal motifs between stiff leaf and patterned borders, raised on a cast brass foot of neoclassical design, with burner mechanism to the neck… Show 10 more like this.

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Antique and Vintage Oil Lamps

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In a story I’m writing, set in , a farm boy turns out his bedroom light. At first I wrote, “He blew out the light. A helpful GardenWeb member suggested that the boy would have had a candle or a kerosene lamp. He’d blow out the candle, obviously, but what about the lamp? He’d turn down the kerosene lamp. Or he could have, if his family was prosperous, a gas lamp on the wall. Depends on where the farm was I grew up in a house built in and there was electricity, punch switch operated quetzal glass hanging lights and I have several lamps dating from about But a kerosene lamp would have had a turn wheel which regulates the wick Blew out his light would be good no matter what Linda C.

I was thinking of doing a beach themed room, but I’m not sure how it will turn out in the end.

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There is nothing quite like a genuine antique oil lamp or a beautiful antique desk lamp to add that feeling of opulence and comfort to your favourite room. The style of antique lamps varies and here you will discover fine examples of Arts and Crafts, Art Nouveau and Victorian gothic lamps. As well as styles there are different types, including beautiful cranberry glass oil lamps, sophisticated desk lamps and even the odd gasolier or electrolier.

Copyright Date: Published by: Compared with some whale-oil lamps it is of plain design, and might have been used in a kitchen or bedroom. In the home the kerosene lamp gradually replaced other forms of lighting. First to go was.

Learn more by visiting the MAXbrite model family burner page. T here is lots of good stuff being placed into these Aladdin lamp web pages. Check back often as I add more lamp data. I have a minimal budget to pursue my hobby so I can not afford to go out and buy pristine condition lamps. Since much of this site is illustrated by lamps from my personal collection expect to see a lot of dents and finish flaws.

These are the best I can find and afford. Since I have started this site others have helped out by sending me jpeg pictures of lamps I do not have for use in this site.

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